The tenure system is under fire

We have been assured that the Institution has enjoyed financial success over the last several years. In fact, we have run surpluses. As the result of a global pandemic we have been asked to make sacrifices, learn new skills and take health risks for the good of the university. We have administrators who make twice what some faculty make, despite the fact that they are under-qualified for their positions and did not even pass through national searches. Our VPAA has been negotiating with us for eight months begging for our good faith and patience through the process, all the while, concealing from us that the tenure system which protects academic freedom, is under fire from the board and interim president. Under all these conditions faculty have been told that their jobs are in jeopardy and the process through which we will learn just who will be terminated, regardless of the quality of their work, has been strung out, seriously damaging our psychological health, and permanently destroying our trust in the Board of Trustees and administration. On top of all this, we are asked to accept this abuse “with open hearts and minds,” to use a phrase from President Owens’ memo, and are constantly reminded of the charisms of the Sisters’ of Mercy by our hypocritical, self-seeking tormentors. These people are the true enemies of higher education, which exists only to serve the common good, and they are poised to do serious damage to the quality of education our students have always expected us to provide. May they not prevail!

We are asked to accept this abuse “with open hearts and minds”

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